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 Palyul Monastery

Bylakuppe, South India:
 Namdroling Monastery
  Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling Nunnery
  Ngagyur Nyingma Institute (Shedra)
  Samten Osel Ling, Three-year Retreat Center

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Main Seats

 Palyul Monastery, Tibet
Palyul Monastery, Tibet
Built by Lhachen Jampa Phuntsog, the first Dharma King of Dege, it was constructed on a site which possesses all the essential auspicious signs and had been blessed by the presence of many great mahasiddhas. More...

Namdrolling Monastery, IndiaNamdroling Monastery, India
Namdroling Monastery represents the fruit of the huge investment of time and energy made by Penor Rinpoche. Today, Namdroling is a thriving community and home to thousands of lamas, monks and nuns, making it the largest Nyingmapa teaching center in the world. More...

Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling Nunnery
Tsogyal Shedrup Dargyeling Nunnery at Namdroling Monastery, South India
As a complement to the large monastery, Penor Rinpoche has also established the Tsogyal Shedrub Dargyeling Nunnery, where over two hundred nuns study and practice. Many of them are enrolled in the full nine year course offered by the Institute where they receive teachings and instruction in Buddhist philosophy from the khenpos. More...

Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, IndiaNgagyur Nyingma Institute, India
Officially opened in 1978, it currently houses over three hundred monks who are studying the Buddhist sutras and tantras in depth. Each year students of outstanding scholarship and wisdom graduate after completing their nine-year course. The standard of training they receive is extremely high and those graduates who are selected to become Khenpos are then sent to teach in different Nyingmapa monasteries and centers. More...

Samten Osel Ling Three-Year Retreat Center, India
To preserve and propagate the unbroken lineage of Dzogchen practice in modern times, H. H. Penor Rinpoche established Samten Osel Ling Retreat Center. The center was first inaugurated in 1985 and since then more than sixty practitioners have successfully completed the rigorous three-year retreat course going on to teach the dharma around the world. More...