Advice: Dealing with the 2003 SARS Outbreak

February 3, 2003

In case anyone has missed this, the practices mentioned in the advice of 30 April (see below) have been posted. The advice is to recite these prayers as many times as possible with strong devotion and faith. This will be helpful for yourself, of course, and your family and those close to you as well. Dedicate the merit of your prayers to all motherly sentient beings without partiality.

Practices: Lhamo Lomagyonma | Dorje Götrab

The very best is if you can attend a Palyul center and request instructions on these practices. If you are newer to Buddhism, especially, this is recommended.

2/29/2130–April 30, 2003 UPDATED: His Holiness Penor Rinpoche has personally conducted puja and prayers on behalf of all of those suffering from the SARS ailment. He has instructed 200 monks to conduct prayers for those who are suffering from the disease. Further, to help avert the causes, conditions and circumstances causing this disease to arise, he has instructed 25 monks to carry through the practice of Vajrakilaya (from the cycle of Ratna Lingpa) every day for one year.

For practitioners, two sutra practices are advised, the Dorje Gortrab and Lhamo Lomagyonma (Garments of Feathers) practice. The mantras are being translated and, as they are more focused from the Sutra practice, they do not require an empowerment to carry through. The Lhamo Lomagyonama is available at the link above and these will be available at local centers when possible. Those needing copies for their local center, please email.

It is of course beneficial to keep the victims of this disease in mind when dedicating the merit of our practice. It is very important to keep a calm attitude as that will be of greatest benefit.

Newer students can carry through the mantra of Guru Rinpoche or sincerely pray for the cessation of this disease. Join the email list to receive this update.