Advice in Times of War

1/16/2130–March 19, 2003 His Holiness Penor Rinpoche gave his students the following instructions on March 19, 2003 regarding the war taking place in Iraq.

May all beings benefit!

“Always remember we are Buddhists and that we have to maintain a compassionate mind with no partiality towards one side or the other, either for Iraq or America. Try to understand everything we experience in this lifetime is mainly based on our Karma, with the actions we take resulting from all of the causes and conditions we ourselves have created since beginning-less time. Even now we are collecting Karma together for the future.

I request all my dharma friends, students and devotees all over the world who are directly or indirectly connected to me, to come together in practicing and praying to Guru Rinpoche, dedicating merit and praying without partiality towards either Iraq or America. Both countries are having a difficult time now and must purify their Karma. Pray without partiality for all obstacles to be pacified for America and Iraq, for whatever friends and enemies we may have, and for ourselves and all motherly sentient beings.

I pray to the triple gems for peace and happiness in the world. I dedicate the merit I have accumulated in the three times to all the people who have died, will die or suffer from this war and all motherly sentient beings.”

Let us all join together and pray by accumulating as many repetitions of the mantra of Guru Rinpoche as we can:


Hear His Holiness Penor Rinpoche chant the mantra above.

Hear Palyul monks chant the Seven-line Prayer to Guru Rinpoche (Flash 5 required – repeats 3 times)

May all merit benefit all sentient beings without partiality!

Also helpful for this practice is to remind ourselves of the teachings His Holiness allowed us to publish on the Palyul website.

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