Namdroling Monastery

Guru Rinpoche Temple, Namdroling

Guru Rinpoche Temple, Namdroling

Namdroling Monastery represents the fruit of the huge investment of time and energy made by Penor Rinpoche. Today, Namdroling Monastery in Byalakuppe is a thriving community and home to thousands of lamas, monks and nuns, making it the largest Nyingmapa teaching center in the world. Those who have studied or are studying at the monastery include all the major lineage holding tulkus and lamas of the Palyul tradition, including the fifth Karma Kuchen Rinpoche, the third Chögtrul Rinpoche and the third Rago Chögtrul Rinpoche. Their spiritual training is directed and guided by Penor Rinpoche himself. Tulkus of other traditions have also studied at Namdroling, including the Sakyong (Mipham Rinpoche), Minling Dungsey, and Minling Khenchen Rinpoche.

Rinpoche never turns away anyone who is qualified to join the monastic sangha. All the expenses required to live and study at the monastery are borne by Rinpoche. These include housing, food, medical care, clothing and even pocket money for all the monks and nuns.

It is said that those who have command over their mind can also command the physical elements. Penor Rinpoche wrote once again in ink on a conch shell, this time the mantra of Manjushri, the bodhisattava of wisdom. Even when the ink had faded the letters remained luminously embossed on the conch, which is still kept and cherished by Khenpo Namdrol. This was recognized as a sign that the tradition of Nyingma scholars would flourish and continue at Namdroling.

Visiting Namdroling

Visits to Namdroling must be arranged with the office in advance. Although guests are permitted on a limited basis, there is no staff dedicated to guest care at this time. Those wishing to visit the monastery must telephone the office at (91)8223-694-318 and attempt to make arrangements with a staff member. Despite this, it may not be possible to attend to all visitor needs. We’re sorry, at this time coordination can not take place through email.