Yangsi Rinpoche Enthronement: Schedule of Ceremonies Updated

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Palyul in Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan

Palyul in Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan

All of the following programs take place in Palyul Monastery (Baiyü County (白玉县), Sichuan). Actual enthronement ceremony is on 31 July.

Monday 28th July
– Yangsi Rinpoche arrives at Palyul Monastery

Tuesday 29th July
– Longlife Buddha puja and tsok offering

Wednesday 30th July
– Dharma discourse and debate by Shedra student

Thursday 31st July
– Main Event: Enthronement ceremony

Friday 1st August
– Enthronement ceremony (continued)

Saturday 2nd August
– Entertainment with traditional dances by local people